Strategy check

Check channels availability

Your channels strategy needs to be adapted: In some countries, there are just no good emails databases at all, in some others telemarketing is banned, in others, prior consent is necessary to receive direct mail, etc.

Every country has its own peculiarities.

Even within the EU only, markets can be totally different, even if at first glance they can look similar. This is not only a matter of language or currency, we take many other factors into account, to adapt to every country and guarantee the best ROI of your campaigns.

There are dozens of different cases.

We worked on a multitude of different cases over the years, and we always found an adapted solution. Our first recommendation: before any campaign start, and before defining a strategy, let's check together if it is adapted to your objectives and markets you want to target.

Oui, yes, sí, ja, tak…

  • Despite of globalisation, English is not understood by everyone, not by the majority, even in the business sphere. and even if some could think that everyone is able to understand English, in reality, this is totally different.
  • Respecting closely the linguistic peculiarities of your target will considerably increase your chances of success.
  • Considering and using English as your unique communication language, your messages will, to the best, not be understood,
    and to the worst, they will be considered as spams.
  • Our experience of local habits and uses allows us to give you the best advice to reach your objectives. And to support our international activities, we provide copywriting, translation, and local adaptations in any language.

Legal context

A strategy developed from your own market is not necessarily exportable everywhere. Laws ruling privacy and data use, are unique to each country, and the current trends are driving data protection rules to more restrictive scope, which has to be considered before any strategic definition.

Pay the maximum attention to laws. Some advertisers paid a very expensive price for ignoring local legal threats. Before any rollout of a multinational campaign, let’s check together that your ideas can be exported. Through the support of Lists4Europe, our companies network, we constantly stay informed of latest data protection matters in the EU, allowing us to secure your campaigns from legal restrictions.

Technical matters

Technical aspects linked to the success of your campaigns depend on actors you chose. Without any local support, you increase risks, and lower your chances of profit.

We always verify and monitor these terchnical aspects for our clients. May it be e-mails deliverability, or postage constraints, you can relay on our deep knowledge to ensure the best possible response to your offers.

Our network of local colleagues, partners, suppliers, prospecting agents, will ensure an optimal vision of any targeted country. In each country, we have a « local eye » that checks and validates your prospecting messages, improve them when necessary, thus ensuring ROI.