About us

We all act as your external staff who analyses, understands, and integrates your peculiarities,
in order to share your aims of profitability.
Our deep knowledge of the French, and other worldwide markets, relayed by our partners network,
in France and abroad, allows us to bring you a global service, may your development
targets be local, or multinational.

  • Established in 1980, Euroleads (formerly Cible Adresses) is a Direct Marketing complete services company, with international scope. Our expertise is built from constant anticipation of Direct Marketing evolutions along those last 35 years.
  • Looking for the best prospecting advice to enter a new market, coordinating and setting up your campaigns completely or taking advantage of the best expertise in terms of local adaptations and strategy: Euroleads brings you a different approach of Direct Marketing, in France and internationally, and the optimal skills level in all essential components of the success of your operations.
  • Euroleads is a founder member of Lists4Europe established in 8 European countries, and providing a global solution with the best local experts.
  • Euroleads is founder shareholder of Mediaten (based in Warsaw, Poland). Mediaten is one of the most skilled and talented Marketing Services company in Europe, supporting Euroleads in multiple technical aspects.
  • Euroleads is sister company of Combbase, and DataProject (based in Paris) bringing every client the highest level in data marketing and analytics, and supplying utmost quality B2B data for any action aimed at French companies. Looking for your B2B target audience in France ? Then, visit our online B2B data platform: LePortailBtoB.

Experts in local and international data marketing

Our expertise is built from constant anticipation of Direct Marketing along those last 35 years